Logan's Journal, Entry 1

Today, Ricket and I once again happened across gainful employment. Hopefully, this endeavor will go better than the last (those poor fools…). A company of adventurers held auditions in the town square. Aside for a halfling and myself, the displays were embarrassingly atrocious (one nearly killed himself while juggling)! While I was disappointed that there wasn’t much of a challenge for our magical show, it is a relief to have an opportunity to get back out into the wild. I look forward very much to finally leaving Kheldell.

The company (who has no name, presently) is tasks with retrieving an ancient trident from an old ruin. From their description, I expect that it will be a rather interesting endeavor resulting in a respectable bounty. Furthermore, this company is based out of Waterdeep; I have been wanting to return there for some time now.



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