Logan's Journal, Entry 3

We were interrupted in the middle of our hallway-rest by some winged creatures – gargoyles. Such boring creatures, unless you aren’t a mage. What made this encounter interesting was the appearance of Maus, a paladin that was associated with this group. She appeared in the darkness out of nowhere; claiming to have been teleported by a gnome she was hunting. I do enjoy the company of this group, but they are… odd.

Naturally, since our warrior was weakened we were ambushed by a few ogres on our way out. Ogres! Of all the things to run into deep down in this ruin, we got ambushed by ogres! Obviously they were no match for us, but it’s unbelievable. Sometimes I wonder about this “karma” thing I’ve heard about.

As expected, we are now back in Kheldell to tend to our wounded cohort, Jeloran. We took this opportunity to divide up the vampire’s treasure and do some shopping. I’ve picked up some scrolls that will be useful, and Jeloran has generously loaned me a magic ring that extends my sorceries! I have never felt so invigorated as I do when I wear this ring. I must acquire one of my own some day.

We’re heading back to the ruins in the morning.



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