Logan's Journal, Entry 4

Another quick hike and a long descent took us back into the ruins. A gynosphinx blocked our path just past the stairwell, which was wonderous – I’ve never seen a gynosphinx before! Jeloran tells me they had dealt with her beofre, which was somewhat obvious to me as she spoke to him. There was definitely familiarity in her voice.

Down a different corridor we went, just to be ambushed by some sort of shapechangers and a large ooze; gray, I believe. I barely made it out of this one alive, all because I was trying to play ‘hero’ and help the others across a perilous gap. Curse my anxiousness to use my sorcery! It was spider-climb again, too. That spell seems to have been a pox on me, though it did help to get me involved with this group. No matter. In the end, they returned the favor. We’re presently resting just past that accursed room, behind a nice, solid door. We’ll be safe in here. For now.

In other thoughts, I do believe I will stay with this group for some time. In these few days, we seem to have grown to work rather well together.



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