Logan's Journal, Entry 4

Another quick hike and a long descent took us back into the ruins. A gynosphinx blocked our path just past the stairwell, which was wonderous – I’ve never seen a gynosphinx before! Jeloran tells me they had dealt with her beofre, which was somewhat obvious to me as she spoke to him. There was definitely familiarity in her voice.

Down a different corridor we went, just to be ambushed by some sort of shapechangers and a large ooze; gray, I believe. I barely made it out of this one alive, all because I was trying to play ‘hero’ and help the others across a perilous gap. Curse my anxiousness to use my sorcery! It was spider-climb again, too. That spell seems to have been a pox on me, though it did help to get me involved with this group. No matter. In the end, they returned the favor. We’re presently resting just past that accursed room, behind a nice, solid door. We’ll be safe in here. For now.

In other thoughts, I do believe I will stay with this group for some time. In these few days, we seem to have grown to work rather well together.

Logan's Journal, Entry 3

We were interrupted in the middle of our hallway-rest by some winged creatures – gargoyles. Such boring creatures, unless you aren’t a mage. What made this encounter interesting was the appearance of Maus, a paladin that was associated with this group. She appeared in the darkness out of nowhere; claiming to have been teleported by a gnome she was hunting. I do enjoy the company of this group, but they are… odd.

Naturally, since our warrior was weakened we were ambushed by a few ogres on our way out. Ogres! Of all the things to run into deep down in this ruin, we got ambushed by ogres! Obviously they were no match for us, but it’s unbelievable. Sometimes I wonder about this “karma” thing I’ve heard about.

As expected, we are now back in Kheldell to tend to our wounded cohort, Jeloran. We took this opportunity to divide up the vampire’s treasure and do some shopping. I’ve picked up some scrolls that will be useful, and Jeloran has generously loaned me a magic ring that extends my sorceries! I have never felt so invigorated as I do when I wear this ring. I must acquire one of my own some day.

We’re heading back to the ruins in the morning.

Logan's Journal, Entry 2

I set out this morning to some ruins just a few hours’ walk from Kheldell with my new employers. This walk was my first opportunity to really get to know these folk, and I believe I will get along well with them. Jeloran is training to be a spellsinger, which I find interesting; albeit a little odd. I never was much for learned wizardry, as the innate magic is much more exciting. His cohort, Monck, is a rather respectable monk with a knack for fishing, of all things. I’ve yet to commit the halfling’s name to memory, and until I do I must remember to keep a closer eye on my coinpurse.

This ruin has the longest staircase I have ever witnessed. I believe it took the better part of an hour to descend! We continued down a hall that this group had been previously, and ended up in front of three flesh golems and a simple riddle. After completing the riddle, the ‘odd golem out’ became Jeloran’s servant, since he was the one who spoke the answer. I’m not sure where he got the name, but he has dubbed the golem “Frank.”

Further down the hall we exited into a cavern, perched atop a small cliff above boiling mud. The obvious way across was to hop between these swinging platforms, but I can’t imagine who would actually try that. The cleric, whose name escapes me at the moment, ferried us all across with his divine flight. I would’ve walked around the walls, but they were coated in wet slime, which would not have been wise. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to fly.

The other side of the cavern was a bit more exciting. We were ambushed by a vampire! It was rather clever, too, lairing in a room filled with magical darkness. Poor Jeloran was nearly drained of his essence, but with our magic and Frank’s strength, we pinned and burned the beast. Some treasure was dug up in the darkness, hidden in the vampire’s coffin. The day has been lucrative after all!

Because the cavern walls were impervious to my climbing sorcery, we must wait for the cleric’s diety to grant him his flight the next day (gods know we aren’t using those hanging discs!), so we’re just waiting now. We will likely head back to Kheldell to heal Jeloran’s wounds, as they are beyond the abilities of this cleric.

Logan's Journal, Entry 1

Today, Ricket and I once again happened across gainful employment. Hopefully, this endeavor will go better than the last (those poor fools…). A company of adventurers held auditions in the town square. Aside for a halfling and myself, the displays were embarrassingly atrocious (one nearly killed himself while juggling)! While I was disappointed that there wasn’t much of a challenge for our magical show, it is a relief to have an opportunity to get back out into the wild. I look forward very much to finally leaving Kheldell.

The company (who has no name, presently) is tasks with retrieving an ancient trident from an old ruin. From their description, I expect that it will be a rather interesting endeavor resulting in a respectable bounty. Furthermore, this company is based out of Waterdeep; I have been wanting to return there for some time now.


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